Classic and gallery canvas stretching

There are two types of painting design:

- under the glass

- with a stretch on the stretcher.

Paperwork is usually taken under the glass. This is done primarily for safety, since paper tends to deteriorate over time.

As for the paintings on canvas, in this they are stretched on a stretcher - a wooden frame. If we are talking about painting, then the usual stretch is most often used, in which the image is completely on the front side of the stretcher. This type of stretch is used if the picture is planned to be framed. Next, the frame is simply attached to the stretcher and you get a full-fledged picture on canvas with a frame that is almost indistinguishable from the original.

If you print a photo on canvas or initially plan to hang a future picture without a frame, then usually use a gallery stretch, in which the image goes to the ends of the stretcher and is hung on the wall in this form. This type of decoration is quite popular today, as it emphasizes the modern style of the interior.

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